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How to setup MuOnline Ex700 Server (Video Tutorial) Empty How to setup MuOnline Ex700 Server (Video Tutorial)

on Fri Mar 13, 2020 5:07 am
Files are based on this release here: Ex700 (chs)

Download Files

Download Client
Part 1  Part 2

Setup Configurations

1. Download files - Extract them on C:\ or D:\
2. Restore Databases with SQL 2000 or higher from DB Folder

3. Edit SQL Pass in
Editor\MuMaker\Run it and configure it like i did at the end.

4. Edit IP's in

5. Run Server from
a. ShopServer.exe Shortcut
b. MuServerStartup.exe
c. Create an account with mumaker.exe from Editor folder.

6. Edit ip in Main.dll
a. Open hexeditor from Editor folder
b. Browse main.dll from client folder.
c. search for 92. and replace it with your IP by typing it.

d. Run main.exe and test your account .

Setup Configuration with Video

For any questions or problems please reply here or at the original post.
Enjoy and have fun =]

Credits to webzen and ashlay for releasing.
for the video tutorial : KarLi
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